Monday, July 10, 2017

The fabric of life

Turns out there's a phrase I've used several times, "fabric of life".

There was already a "fabric of life" page with writing by Schuyler Waynforth. I introduced it on this blog in 2013, though it wasn't quite new at that time. I didn't want to dilute the beauty of that page, so I made the new page with a capital F in Fabric. Later, whichever one you guess will lead to the other, too.

quoting from 2013:
The Fabric of an Unschooling Life (new page I had not previously announced):

photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Comparisons and judgments

None of these are introductions to unschooling, but are about ideas at a more philosophical level. Some people like such things, and others don't.

Clean-up and additions (good ones!) to three pages considering judgment:

New writing, second item in right-hand column:

Addition of "All sin is equal?"

Additions and cleanup to a page about sleep, advice and defensiveness:

And one more bonus page, in which I implore unschooling parents to respect what their children love.

photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd

Monday, July 3, 2017

Instinct, smells, defend yourself, divorce

Instinct—something beautiful by a nearly anonymous mom, and the beginning of a collection,

Smells and smelling (and instinct)

An older page never yet announced, cleaned up, a bit harsh, but says this important thing:
"If someone can't defend a position to other unschoolers, how will they do with the relatives or the social workers?"

Addition to page on prevention of divorce (box, right), and follow links too if you haven't been there before.

photo (a link) by Sandra Dodd

Friday, June 16, 2017

Socialization, "just", Robyn Coburn

New writing, second item, about finding social experiences for children:

New page on problems with adding "just" to an otherwise powerful phrase.
(Not counting "Just Add Light and Stir," which is a reference to old advertisements for instant foods.)

New, Pam Laricchia interviewed Robyn Coburn. I've saved Pam's beautiful into, and more, as part of my Robyn Coburn collection:

photo (a link) by Megan Valnes

Monday, May 15, 2017

Support, change, decisions

Addition to support, "I want my own child to do more than just survive," 3/4 of the way down:
and some other clean-up on that page

"Changes in Parents"—Pam Laricchia's second interview of Sandra Dodd:

Newer photo of my three now-grown children next to one when they were 13-17 or so:

photo (a link) by Chrissy Florence

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sharing, Glued (or not), Awareness

New writing by Karen Angstadt on the "Shared Experiences are Important" page, second item:

That item links to an addition on "Phrases to Hear and Avoid": Glued to the screen (Jo Isaac)

Additions and links to "Your Mind and Awareness"

photo (a link) by Lydia Koltai

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Toothbrushing, research on food, Gilligan's Island

New page on how to get a child to brush teeth (because someone deleted a post with good responses)

Addition to page on research on eating:

Several additions to the already-rich Gilligan's Island page, but if you're not on a computer you won't see most of it.
Don't try to live by your phone alone!

photo (a link) by Jennifer Smith

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Strewing, writing, perspective (and zombies)

New, thoughtful acccounts and commentary by Karen James on strewing, bottom of:

New at the bottom, Marty Dodd on superheroes:

New, two, top, by Belinda Dutch and Alex Arnott:

And something new on the still-new Zombie page:

photo (a link) by Erika Ellis

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Zombies, Changes and Changing

What might turn your child into a zombie? Rules, mostly. Or zombie attack.
The page isn't new, but I added new writing, lower right, and I had not announced it previously!

There are several pages now about changing—becoming better parents, changing terminology and ideas, becoming softer and less inflexible, understanding why the discussions are as they are. Not all are directly helpful to new unschoolers. Some are meta-discussion (discussing the discussions, or analyzing why some advice is given, or how it is given).

Announced here before:

Thoughts on Changing

How Unschooling Changes People

Unschooling—Getting It
photo (a link) by Roya Dedeaux
Thoughts on "yes" again (second section is an account of changes)

Not announced before:
Negative opinions changed to positive

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Unexpected, work ethic, terminology

New account of unexpected results and effects of unschooling, upper right, Janine Davies:

Short beginnings of a page on whether or how to instill "a work ethic"

Additions, bottom, about when to say "homeschool" and when to be more specific (my writing):

photo (a link) by Janine Davies

Friday, February 3, 2017

Trust, connections, being offended

Newest addition at the bottom of the page on trust, plus smaller bits above that:

New on Connections, about supporting a child's interests:

Sometimes people jump to offense. Try not to.

Sometimes people take pride in their indignation or whip themselves up into outrage.
The first link is more fun because it has Donald Duck. Don't be Donald Duck.

photo (a link) and the new writing at /connections by Beth Lamb

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Positivity, food fears, cautions & curses,

Addition, middle of page where it says "Words create mood. Words can BE negativity."

Overcoming food fears

When I recommended that people read a little, try a little, wait a while, watch, even about things that aren't unschooling, I was sent some ill wishes on the side. There's commentary at the bottom, for those curious who don't want to read the whole new page:

photo (a link) by Melissa DeLong

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